Heavenly Burgers

Comfort food – a part of life at some point or another. Burgers always seem like such an easy option for an easy meal or a no brainer when it comes to take out. The problem is that you really don’t know what you are putting into your body. Yes, it is juicy and delicious but are you sure of how much fat is or isn’t in the meat or whether or not there are additives included? In most cases the answer will be no, especially when it comes to burger joints.

If your family is a burger mad one then give bison burgers a try. While the meat is much leaner and contains a vast amount less fat your family will not even notice the change. The flavor offered is delicious and, even better, burgers may even become a healthier option.

There are really no limitations to what kind of burgers you can produce. Whether you love a cheese burger or a pine burger, bison will make a welcome addition to your menu selections. Marinade it, spice it up and get those burgers grilling. Cooling the burgers on a barbeque is just like any other burger. The patties hold together nicely and once your family tastes the goodness they won’t want to go back to beef.

Your family’s health and well-being are certainly worth the additional cost. After all, quality does cost a little more than usual. If you think of the medical bills you will be saving yourself there really is no choice.

Besides burgers, bison meat is really quite versatile and can be used to substitute beef in any dish. Whether your recipe requires ground beef, cubes or even slices, bison can be used as a more than suitable replacement. Treat the meat as you would any beef cut and ensure that tenderness and taste are all your family take away from the meal. Who knows you may put them on a path to healthier eating without them even knowing it.

No additives, less fat, just pure “beefy” flavor. There is nothing more rewarding than achieving results with bison meat and seeing the looks of lip smacking satisfaction on the faces of your loved ones.